Our Philosophy

Once we launch your marketing program our work is not over, it is actually just beginning. We continue to craft and adjust the marketing program based on the performance data we are seeing. 

​​Overlap is fueled by data. 

Data is a guiding force in everything we do. This includes quantitative and qualitative data. 

From our deep analysis, we identify key action items aimed at improving the website and campaign performance. 

We never settle and continually look for opportunities to improve. If we are not seeing the results, we dive into what isn’t working in order to unearth what will. 

Our take on quality assurance isn’t just a box we check off. We take it seriously and pride ourselves on delivering products and services that are well-thought-out and executed on.

The attention to detail doesn’t stop there.

With Overlap as your developer, we make sure the website is maintained with all proper updates and upgrades so you don't have to worry.

We treat your business like our own, so you can sleep at night knowing you’re in good hands.

Our Approach

We set up monthly check-ins and quarterly reports allowing us to have a deep understanding of what's working and what needs improvement on our clients' websites and in their marketing strategies. 

We also set up real-time dashboards, if requested, so you can see the data in real-time. 

From our analysis and reporting, we recommend needed changes such as refreshed copy and call-to-actions, new pages that will better connect to the user where they are at in their journeys, or refreshed creative with new imagery to help increase click-through rate. 

These are just a few examples of how we pivot in a data-driven way to achieve client goals. 

Through the proper setup of Google Analytics including event and goal tracking, coupled with behavior analytics tools and first-party data we are able to see how what we are putting into the universe is connecting (or not connecting) with your users. 

This is an approach of rinse & repeat, without ever settling for less.


Crack the Code of Your Business DNA

Crack the Code of Your Business DNA