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For many companies, social media marketing is somewhere between an afterthought and a resource-sucking annoyance. Unless you’re in a key niche that converts well on social platforms, it can seem hard to justify the effort.

Modern consumers expect legitimate companies to have a social media presence of some kind. Putting your best foot forward requires thoughtful strategy and careful resource prioritization, and often, success entails bringing in a partner. Whether you’re looking to improve your efforts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, or TikTok, we can help align your goals with a realistic and sustainable strategy.

Checklist of service tactics:

  • Research & Strategy
  • Content Creation & Editorial Calendar
  • Content Posting & Monitoring
  • Community Management
  • Reporting
  • Social Media Advertising
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Lauren Witte-Girard
Content Strategist & Creator
“When it comes to social media marketing, strategy and prioritization are key. Determine realistic goals for your social media efforts–maybe one is related to recruitment, for example–and prioritize resources and content accordingly. Don’t try to do too much at once; try a lot of things, find what works, and then expand.”
Research & Strategy

To find the best path, you need to understand how your current social media profiles (if you have any) are performing, including engagement on individual posts. Performing a competitor analysis will lay out how your social media behavior compares with others in your industry.

Social Media Company FAQs

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing involves using social media platforms to connect with a business’ audience to build or expand a brand, increase sales, drive website traffic, etc. Content is created and shared on social media networks like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, and more.

Why is social media marketing important?

Social media marketing can have a significant impact on a number of things affecting a business’ bottom line:

  • Brand awareness
  • Audience engagement
  • Customer service
  • SEO benefits
  • Ability to target ads to your audience and niche demographics
  • Cost-effective advertising
  • Wide content reach
  • Thought leadership
  • Recruitment
How much does social media marketing cost?

The cost of social media marketing can vary significantly based on multiple factors. It depends on which platform you’re working on, your strategy and goals, target audience, and more.

The main elements affecting the cost include: whether you’re running an advertising campaign and its budget; type of content you’re creating (video typically costs more than images); whether you’re using publishing software; labor costs; and influencer partnerships.


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