Our Philosophy

Establishing a partnership is the first step on the path to mutual success. Here at Overlap, we take that to heart. Many cookiecutter marketing agencies out there will take any client they can get their hands on.

Know this, we are different.

We take the time to dive into who you are.

That means understanding where your business currently is and learning everything about it ranging from brand to culture.

We are literally out to crack the secret code of what truly makes up your business.

This means taking the time to learn where you want to go, identifying who your competitors are, and understanding you & the stakeholders on a more human level.

By getting into the weeds, all of the good and all of the bad, we are able to understand any gaps in the current marketing strategy and formulate a clear path forward. This phase provides us with the foundational layer to build our house on. Without it, we are starting off on shaky ground.

Our Approach

As we collaborate, we will start to understand how we work best and communicate together to start building a solid relationship.

Yes, this does mean investing time upfront. We take to heart that one cannot reasonably expect remarkable results without putting in an initial investment.

You’ll come to learn we practice a no-holds-barred kind of approach.

The Overlap way is all about quality partnerships and long-term results; we'd expect the same from you.

As the first phase in our process, we consider this as one of the most important steps that we do not compromise on.

Here's the bottom line.

We approach things from a holistic perspective. Therefore understanding how your business works will serve us best when it comes to formulating the most effective marketing solutions possible.

In the end, all of our discovery & benchmarking work will conceptualize into a strategic roadmap on how we will achieve all of our goals set forth for your business.


Create Beautiful & Data-Backed Experiences

Create Beautiful & Data-Backed Experiences