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Don’t sleep on email marketing. It remains the easiest and high-impact marketing tactic for most industries. B2B and B2C companies alike use multiple forms of email marketing campaigns–newsletters, sales promotions, product/membership onboarding, etc.

Your email list is likely your most engaged audience, and reaching contacts directly in their inbox is a great way to stay top-of-mind, even if you’re not seeing a high engagement rate. But maintaining a healthy contact list and effectively reaching people through email is much more complicated than writing a message and hitting send. Overlap has decades of experience working with clients to audit their current email marketing strategies and implement changes for sustainable, continued improvements.

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Eric Florez
Chief Technology Officer
"Email marketing is the art of building a meaningful direct line of communication with your audience. It's about building trust, delivering value, and earning permission to engage. Craft your emails in a way where you give your audience what they want without expectations in return; focus on content that resonates deeply with your audience. Be consistent, respectful of their time, and always aim to educate, entertain, or inspire."
Email Marketing Audit & Strategy

We will perform an audit to understand the tools you’re using and how you’re collecting contacts. Overlap’s email marketing experts can work with any email marketing tool and CRM, but we will make sure you’re getting value from all the included features and that you aren’t overpaying for bells and whistles you don’t need.

Email Marketing Company FAQs

What is email marketing

Email marketing involves sending emails to a group of people or a target audience intending to promote products, services, or engage with subscribers. Businesses use this tactic to build relationships with customers, increase brand awareness, drive sales, and communicate important information.

Why is email marketing important?

Email marketing is important because it provides a direct, safe line of communication between businesses and their customers, prospects, and partners. It remains to be an effective marketing tool that is cost-effective and accessible.

Is email marketing effective?

Email marketing can be quite effective because the audience is typically the most engaged audience a company has. This is because contacts should have to opt-in before they are placed on an email marketing list. 

The most effective email marketing comes from companies and email marketing agencies that understand the audience they’re sending to and segments contacts based on interests, behaviors, etc. Content should be created with strategies that optimize engagement.  

How can email marketing fuel your overall inbound strategy?

Many businesses use email marketing to enhance various aspects of inbound marketing, including lead nurturing, content distribution, lead capture, and more.

Inbound marketing focuses on personalized experiences. Email marketing allows audiences to be segmented by preferences so customized content can be delivered based on their interest. Effective email marketing also fosters ongoing communication that builds trust and loyalty with prospects and customers.


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