Our Philosophy

Every business deserves to present to the world a product or service that provides both eye-popping & thumb-stopping aesthetics with the full functionality of a seamless product and experience.

Yes, that was a mouthful.

Yet, many business owners are still stuck in the mindset of choosing digital assets that offer either beauty or functionality and sacrificing the other.

Even if you feel like it seems too good to be true, here at Overlap we pride ourselves on offering you the best of the best. You will always be working with the A-team where quality is always our number one priority.

Whatever you find yourself on your business journey, we have the services to satisfy your needs.

Starting from scratch? Wanting to take a step back?

Our brand development team is there to humanize your product and lay the foundation for you to connect to the right human being.

Need a website? Or an app? 

Our creative team can summon anything you can dream of into existence. We provide you with the thumb-stopping aesthetics your business deserves. Beyond this, the creative team is always analyzing the blurry line between creating beautifully responsive products and achieving business goals. 

At the heart of everything we do, we are your strategic digital partner who treats your business like our own. We will always do and say what we think is best for your business.

Once the design team has done their job, our development team brings the designs to life. 

Whether it be a website, an app, or anything in between, the development team can handle it. 

Our team is fluent in all modern web technologies and builds web applications with an eye for detail, performance, security, and responsiveness.

Our Approach

Creating beautiful & data-backed experiences starts with an incubation using the right ingredients.

This means nailing down your true brand identity, serving as the guiding north star for all creative and development projects to come.

Creating the experience doesn’t mean blindly following your wishes, but listening to our collective best judgment and always placing an analytical eye on what your true needs are.

We will challenge you if needed. Your success is truly our own. We own the onus of providing you with what you deserve.

Ideas are just ideas though, and designs don’t make the end product.

Our development team takes the same client-first mentality.

We are not tied to any specific framework or language. We always leverage the latest and most modern industry practices and tools that are best for the company.

We also do not push one specific management system as well; our ultimate goal is to tailor to you. Most importantly, we do what’s best for you, not what’s easiest for us. 

Future proof is the mentality here.

We approach website development with the mentality of an architect. Our offered solutions start before any execution. This gives a clear understanding of what the problems are and the possible solutions. 

In addition to our custom work, our development team has an API-first development mentality. We also offer custom eCommerce solutions to fit your needs.


Connect with the Right Human Being

Connect with the Right Human Being