Co-Founder, Chief Operation Officer

I’ve been in the marketing world for 20+ years. A good amount of business & life lessons, awards, recognitions, great relationships, and memories along the way. I’m a passionate leader who naturally DREAMs BIG, is very optimistic, and is all about executing the vision. Grateful to be at the forefront of a team that support and works incredibly hard for each other. Truly special.
The best part of working hard… playing harder. My beautiful wife of 12 years, Dash (furry-son), and I have no problem hosting a BBQ at the beach (Doheny, Strands, or Salt Creek Beach) with some Filipino, Korean, and islander food. Reggae music in the background with some drinks and good vibes. At the end of the day, that’s why we work so hard. Quality time with the people we care about 🤙🏽

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