Connecting patients across Arizona with the mental health services they need.

Intermountain Centers is one of the largest nonprofits in Arizona. Based in Tucson, Intermountain has over 36 locations across the state serving youth and adults with behavioral and mental health needs. A true rock in the community, Intermountain provides critical services to patients with autism, emotional and behavioral health challenges, adolescent transitions, mental illness, developmental disabilities, and more.

Since 1973, Intermountain has been performing incredible, significant work and filling a serious healthcare gap. But they were being hindered by an outdated website with poor user experience and misguided content. Intermountain needed a partner that was willing to dive deep into their industry and service offerings and had the digital design and development aptitude to support advanced requirements and compliance standards.


  • Research & Discovery
  • Audits & Benchmarking
  • Strategy Development & Planning
  • Information Architecture
  • UX/UI Design
  • Website Development
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Reporting & Data Visuals
  • Quality Assurance
  • Website Maintenance

The Challenge:

Telling a complex story to users in a sensitive situation.

Because Intermountain’s website did such a poor job of conveying the amazing work they do, it required a good deal of discovery to understand their story and how to tell it to the world. Many of their locations are acquired behavioral and mental health centers, some with Intermountain branding and some without, so ensuring patients knew where they were located and what services were offered at each location was a huge priority. We also had to communicate their incredible alliance of affiliate partners to showcase their unparalleled established network of care.

This project presented a very unique UX challenge: how to display sensitive information to a user going through a very sensitive and vulnerable situation. Before Overlap, Intermountain had a lot of information on the website, but it was very clinical and hard to understand. Plus, they had countless pages with two paragraphs of content, making it cumbersome and frustrating to find what you need.

The Solution:

Simplified messaging and user-focused design.

We started by simplifying the user experience. We needed to connect them with their userbase and help prospective patients and their families get a picture of the impactful work they do. This involved overhauling the site’s UX to better display their services and help visitors understand which locations provided the services they were seeking. New search functionality allows users to search and filter by location, service type, or facility type (inpatient or outpatient).

Better content curation consolidated their numerous pages of clinical information down into fewer, consolidated pages of content with internal linking to related resources and improved navigation. A new “success stories” content campaign featured compelling patient journeys that showed Intermountain’s role in their recovery. While basic analytics were already in place, this project had a heavy SEO component that required priority page analysis and an intensive redirect strategy to ensure there were no negative repercussions. After implementing a new analytics measurement strategy, we had to ensure data would carry over to the new website. Overlap also implemented a new events/conversion strategy and created a Looker Studio dashboard so the Intermountain team had the ability to access website and marketing performance in real-time.

CTA optimization was an important part of the project scope. To improve inbound leads and patient communications, we added click-to-call functionality and streamlined their processes to use one phone number with a simplified “Contact Us” call-to-action. Because online donations were a small portion of their fundraising activities, we downplayed the “Donate” CTA to reduce the noise.

This site was developed using a robust Javascript framework designed to optimize performance by enhancing user experience and delivering fast initial status responses while dynamically streaming content when needed. As compliance is extremely important in the healthcare industry, we took measures to ensure full ADA compliance using AudioEye and AI.

The Results:

increase in website traffic year-over-year
increase in organic website traffic year-over-year
phone calls generated
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