Revamping AZAGC’s Digital Platform for Enhanced Member Engagement

The Arizona Chapter Associated General Contractors of America (AZAGC) is a premier organization dedicated to serving the needs of Arizona’s construction industry. Recognized for advocating, educating, and connecting leaders in the construction sector, AZAGC’s mission has always been to enhance the performance of its members and promote the sustainability of its businesses. However, its website and member portal did not reflect the efficiency and professionalism expected of a leading industry body. The challenges faced included a suboptimal user experience on its website, a cumbersome member portal, and a lack of effective communication of its core messages and offerings.


  • Research & Discovery
  • Audits & Benchmarking
  • Strategy Development & Planning
  • Information Architecture
  • UX/UI Design
  • Website Development
  • CRM Integration
  • SEO
  • Local Marketing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Website Maintenance

The Challenge:

Reinventing AZAGC’s
Digital Footprint

AZAGC faced several key digital challenges that hindered its effectiveness in serving its membership base. The member portal functioned poorly, making it difficult for members to find and register for events, manage their memberships, and network. Additionally, the website provided a frustrating user experience with substandard navigation and outdated content layouts. The absence of a clear, compelling message across the website diminished AZAGC’s authority and impact in the industry. Ultimately, unclear and inefficient conversion paths for new memberships led to missed opportunities in community growth.

The Solution:

A Seamless, Integrated Experience for Members

To address the challenges faced by AZAGC, we embarked on creating a seamless and intuitive digital experience. We integrated MemberLeap to enhance the member portal, simplifying event registration, membership management, and networking opportunities. Additionally, the website was completely redesigned, introducing a modern layout with improved navigation and streamlined content distribution to ensure clarity and engagement. We also focused on optimizing the website for conversions, specifically designing clear calls to action and user pathways to attract and secure new memberships.

The Results:

Successful integration of MemberLeap:

This new association management software has significantly improved the overall member experience, making it easier for members to interact with the organization and each other.

A fully redesigned website:

With its enhanced user experience and optimized conversion paths, the new website now accurately reflects AZAGC’s role as a leader in the construction industry, driving increased engagement and membership growth.

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