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For nonprofit organizations, every cent counts and every dollar makes a difference. Fundraising has become more complicated and large and small donors alike have tightened their purse strings since the Pandemic. How you promote your organization has never been more important to its survival.

Partnering with the right digital marketing agency for nonprofits means working with a team willing to dig deep and understand your culture, mission, and the community you serve. It means working with people that have the expertise to expand upon your greatness and amplify the good you’re doing in the world.

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Core Marketing Services for Nonprofits

Marketing Strategy & Playbook
Marketing Strategy & Playbook

Guide ongoing strategy and efforts with a bespoke marketing playbook created after an in-depth assessment of your brand, goals, and current performance.

Move What Matters

A marketing strategy without a solid reporting structure and the ability to monitor key KPIs will prove ineffective & pointless. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to make sure we are constantly monitoring and improving upon the KPIs that matter:

  • Donor acquisition rate
  • Donor retention rate
  • Average gift size
  • Fundraising ROI
  • Website traffic
  • Website conversions & conversion rate
  • Social media following & engagement
  • Email open & click rates

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Inner City Health

Inner City Health

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